FOR or AGAINST: “Constitutional amendment to change the process for filling judicial vacancies that occur between judicial elections from a process in which the Governor has sole appointment power to a process in which the people of the State nominate individuals to fill vacancies by way of a commission comprised of appointees made by the judicial, executive, and legislative branches charged with making recommendations to the legislature as to which nominees are deemed qualified; then the legislature will recommend at least two nominees to the Governor via legislative action not subject to gubernatorial veto; and the Governor will appoint judges from among these nominees.”



This amendment takes away the Governor’s ability to select and appoint judges for vacancies between elections and gives it to the legislature.


It is important that the judges ruling on those laws remain independent and not conflicted based on who appointed them. The legislature passes laws and the judiciary rules on those laws. This amendment removes that check and allows the legislature to control the selection and appointment of judges.

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