In 2017 I, Braxton Winston, ran for Charlotte City Council on the platform of a more equitable, accessible, and interconnected Charlotte. That message was powered by more than 70,000 of your votes and we have been changing the conversation since. One of the reasons we were able to achieve those numbers is because more people turned out to the polls than were initially expected. It happened again in 2019 when I was re-elected. Let’s make sure future elections are no different.


Elections affect the ability to bring Charlotte good paying jobs, secure housing, and infrastructure investments. Policies are affected by elections every single year and this year is no different. I want your help in making sure that more of us are using our power of the vote. Help me make sure more Charlotteans are registered to vote this fall.


When you vote, you build equity in the system. People will pay money to reach you, while others will spend money to suppress your vote. Over time, candidates focus more of their attention on the groups that vote. They listen to voters who show up to the polls. When running for office, that is what they check first: which group turns out the most votes? They then craft their campaign to match what they imagine that demographic wants.

Imagine what campaigns would look like if they were crafted for us. Make sure you are being represented where you currently live. Make sure those that represent you know who you are. Make sure those that represent you know what you need. Make yourself known. There is power in a vote.

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